Our Mission & Vision

Thank you for seeking to learn more about Achorage Children's Home. This page will provide our mission, vision, and history.

Our Mission

Anchorage Children's Home's mission is to be an Anchor for today's children, strengthening tomorrow's families.

Our Vision

Anchorage Children’s Home is a non-profit organization, founded on Christian principles and beliefs, which serves, protects and strengthens children, families and community.

Our History

In 1983, McElvey Home, the vision of a local haven for hard to place teens who had suffered abuse or severe neglect, became a reality as the result of the tireless and compassionate efforts of a small group of concerned citizens. Anchorage Children’s Home was born to meet a critical need of those who no one else would serve. This culture of compassion and community partnership continues in Anchorage's services today.

In 1985, with the addition of Hidle House Anchorage's vision expanded to include homeless youth who run away, were thrown out, or at-risk due to their family life.

Anchorage continues to provide a continuum of care for at-risk and abused and neglected children, youth and their families, 24 hours a day, 7 days through screening, assessment, case management and counseling, basic shelter, and non-residential aftercare services. From its humble beginning in 1983 to its present success as a nationally accredited service provider, we maintain our culture of caring that makes the difference in the lives of children, youth and their families. We will continue to pursue our vision through community partnership and proven best practices that have served our children and youth well for many years.


Anchorage Children's Home, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors that is an essential component of the ability to effectively manage programs since its inception in 1983. We ensure that our Board membership is reflective of the gender, racial and cultural composition of the community we serve; is knowledgeable of the needs of youth who have multiple problems; act as advocates for youth services; and are in positions of authority and influence within the community. They represent a reasonable cross-section of our community and include former service recipients. In bi-monthly, meetings the Board of Directors reviews administrative, financial and programmatic progress toward agency goals and objectives.

An Anchor for Today's Children. Strengthening Tomorrow's Families.